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A gift will please every woman. And IWD is the right occasion for giving gifts.

International Women's Day is approaching. Delight a woman with a flower, a trip, or a wellness stay

Michaela Hanelová
07. března 2024
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Flowers are the best gift if you don't know what to choose.

Are you among those who do not forget to gift their partner, mother, sister, or girlfriend on the occasion of International Women's Day on March 8? Even though interest in this holiday, which was once publicly and grandly celebrated in many organizations, has somewhat declined for some, there are still a considerable number of people who value this day. According to the experience of florists, the sale of flowers on International Women's Day in the Czech Republic is significantly higher than on Valentine's Day. There are undoubtedly many gifts that can delight women on this day. We offer you ten gift ideas, large and small, that could be received with enthusiasm.

Many men try to bring joy to the women in their life on International Women's Day, without thinking about the deep meaning of this day. It is important to realize that March 8 is a reminder of the struggle for rights and equality, which were not always a matter of course. Women had to long demand the right to education, work in important positions, and the right to vote. Even though women have many rights today, their struggle continues. During the era of the communist regime in the CSSR, this day was transformed and many perceive it in this distorted light to this day. Nevertheless, the significance of this holiday remains important even today. A gift for a woman on International Women's Day should therefore not just be a display of love, but also an expression of respect and support. It doesn't matter whether you choose a small or large, material or experiential gift. If you're still hesitant about what attention to choose, our tips could inspire you.

Why do we actually celebrate IWD?

International Women's Day originated during a period of social unrest and preparation for world conflict, when women began to fight for their rights and greater participation in social affairs. Its roots go back to 1907 when the first International Congress of Socialist Women was held in Stuttgart, at which a proposal was made for an annual women's meeting with the aim of fighting for the right to vote. The following year, in 1908, thousands of women gathered in New York to march for better working conditions, higher wages, voting rights, and political and economic rights for women.

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Luxusní byt 2+kk na prodej, Praha 5 - 49m, Praha 5

This march led to the establishment of National Women's Day in the United States, which began to be celebrated on the last Sunday in February from 1909. In Europe, Women's Day was introduced in 1910 at the second international conference of socialist women in Copenhagen, thanks to the initiative of Clara Zetkin, a German socialist and leading representative of the women's labor movement. Zetkin proposed the creation of an international holiday in support of the fight for women's suffrage. This proposal was accepted, and so International Women's Day was declared a day when the struggle of women for their rights and for achieving suffrage is celebrated and recognized. The first organized celebrations of this day took place in 1911 in several European countries, including Austria-Hungary.

So, how to please your dear wife?


On International Women's Day, flowers are a traditional and very popular gift. Although some ladies may be adverse to certain types of flowers from previous celebrations of this day, such as carnations, florists know how to deal with this phenomenon. Lovers of nostalgia can order a classic arrangement with carnations and asparagus fern. For celebrating International Women's Day, the ideal choice is gentle spring flowers, which can brighten up the mood after a long winter, such as tulips, freesias, or anemones. Whether the choice falls on traditional roses or a flower that the recipient particularly likes, success is guaranteed.

Tasting experience

Shared moments are often the most beautiful ones. Invite your partner to a tasting that focuses on her favorite dishes or drinks, or surprise her with something completely new. It's important to carefully consider her preferences, so your well-intentioned gesture doesn't turn into a horrifying experience. If both of you like wine or beer, the choice is easy. Chocolate tastings can also be a very pleasant experience. However, it is key to keep in mind that the main goal is to please her, so experiments such as tastings of meat specialties or spirits may not be the right choice for everyone.


Planning a joint weekend or extended time off opens the door to many adventures. Although a trip to an exotic destination may not be suitable as a gift for International Women's Day, the Czech Republic can also boast beautiful places that are ideal for sports activities or exploration. The end of the winter season brings a lot of opportunities for trips, whether you are interested in active rest or relaxation in nature. So don't be afraid and go on a great trip with your loved one.

Wellness and Massage

Gifts focused on body care and relaxation are always very popular. A gift voucher for wellness, for various types of massages - whether it's classic, reflex, relaxation, oriental, procedures like cupping and others - are a great way to bring joy. However, it is important to be careful when choosing a specific type of massage, such as slimming or anti-cellulite massages. Even though your intention is the best, the recipient could interpret it as a hint at her appearance.

Beautiful Jewelry

A gift in the form of jewelry is always a reliable choice, and it doesn't necessarily have to be gold or studded with diamonds. The recipient may also appreciate a bracelet or pendant made of semi-precious stones with healing properties, jewelry inspired by female symbolism and astrological sign, or perhaps an anklet.


Perfume as a gift can be a wonderful gesture, but choosing the right scent can be complicated. If you know the recipient's favorite scent, you shouldn't encounter any problems. However, if you're not sure, it might be helpful to look at their perfume shelf in the bathroom or consult with their friends. This will significantly increase your chances of choosing a scent that will truly delight them.

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